Business/Corporate:  High Goals. 
Down to Earth Strategies  

Whether you are a start up company or mid-sized corporation, family owned business or lone entrepreneur just striking out; our primary goal will be the same.  Enhance your bottom-line profitability through increased sales, customer retention, cost reduction and improved productivity.  We enable you to reach those common goals by helping you exploit what is so uncommon about your products, services, people and company.


A significant change in capital structure is one of the most important – and most complex – events in the evolution of a maturing company. RedKnot hones strategic, operational, financial and capital requirements of businesses and works with companies to facilitate success in the full spectrum of capital events – from growth to expenditures to acquisitions and liquidity.

We have proven experience in debt and equity raises, mergers & acquisitions, operational improvement, management transitions, and cash management. Our greatest satisfaction lies not in identifying the problem, but in its resolution. Our Business Checkup is the first step identifying opportunities to help you grow, including these key areas of focus:

  • Capital Structure Assistance
  • Debt and Equity Raise
  • Merger & Acquisition Assistance
  • Cash Management Analysis
  • Executive in Place / Interim Management
  • Performance & Operational Improvements
  • Sales Process & Opportunities


Strategy and Marketing
One of the primary reasons entities don't reach their objectives is not an ill-defined strategy, but a lack of execution. Soup to nuts - the plan of execution must be as well defined as the strategy: achievable, relevant to the goals the company most values and aligned at all levels within the company equally from the budget to sales to daily operations. Corporate performance is what drives your decision-making, and is only achieved when you see strategy as just the beginning. We offer a comprehensive, common sense approach through:

  • Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Product Development and Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Profit Enhancement


Maximizing Customer Relationships
Setting your brand apart through customer service will keep your customers coming back and bringing their friends and acquaintances with them.  Great customer service is the difference between satisfied customers and loyal ones.  Especially for businesses who understand the needs, and the importance of their most profitable sources of business.  How do you align and focus your resources for the right customer approach that will help build both your business and, brand loyalty?  Our customer/client services offerings address:
  • Building Customer Loyalty
  • Onboarding Your Customer
  • Customer Retention Strategies
  • Lead Generation and Cross-Sell Triggers


Organizational Performance and People Management
Anyone who has run a business knows the truth of the saying "your best people have their eyes on the door".  What you don't always know is how to motivate and retain your best employees.  After all, your customers love them and you love working with them.  Loyal, engaged, enthusiastic and talented people are exhilarating to work with and a lot of work to replace.  Let us help you retain your best and brightest through:
  • Developing and Sustaining Your Corporate Culture
  • Confidential Management Coaching
  • Change Management
  • Internal Communications Development
  • Incentive and Rewards
  • Management Critical Skills Workshops and Seminars


Business Operations
In the new results-driven economy what happens in cubicle-lined back rooms and on busy warehouse floors is more crucial than what happens around the boardroom table.  It’s no longer about power meetings but the power to meet customers demands.  Every dollar counts, shareholder value draws heavy competition, and thriving means honing your reaction time to changes in the marketplace like an athlete training for an event.  We uncover cost savings, streamline workflows, and ensure you are lean, yet delivering a quality product. Businesses can no longer get by on reams of reports on meaningless performance metrics.  Now they actually have to perform.  To help you do this our focus includes:

  • Workflow Improvement
  • Vendor/Supplier Relationship Reviews
  • Efficiency and Process Optimization
  • Project Management
  • Policy and Procedural Assessment/Documentation
  • Conversion and System Integration Assistance
  • Risk Management
  • Treasury Management Contingency Planning

"We had a great product line and a great staff but that wasn't enough. RedKnot helped us see the big picture. They showed us how to make every component of our business from our sales teams to our marketing initiatives to our revenues perform more effectively. They are more than a treasury management company. Because a company's assets are more than what's in the bank."