Ground Control for Businesses Taking Off

who we are

Established in 2008 by Carol T. Adams, RedKnot is a business resource group specializing in management consulting with a particular emphasis on treasury management essentials.  RedKnot Resource Group serves a diverse client base who share a common goal:  improving top-line performance to produce greater bottom-line profitability.

To do this, RedKnot Resource Group gives you access to a rare depth of experience in performance-based business solutions.  Using perspectives gained from working in corporate, non-profit and financial sectors, we can help you see the real marketability of your skills and products.  RedKnot uses methodologies proven to work in your specific industry to analyze everything that affects your customers, employees, competitiveness, products and services -- without the stuffiness of larger consulting practices.  RedKnot strengthens your company from within so that you're never without what you need to take advantage of opportunities at the first knock.


How we can help your business
gain altitude.

Bottom-line.  Our goal is to help you grow yours.  We will give your company the resources to improve productivity and performance, help you nail down your future goals and current skills as well as spot where the fault lines and pitfalls lie.  Your business will be provided with an in depth understanding of how you need to proceed to the next level.  To get there, we will help you gain the use and mastery of practical applications including proven techniques, tools, templates, training and practices - all delivered with a high-touch approach.  As we consider how to manage new technologies to make your bottom-line more profitable or how to approach outsourcing, shared services or bringing functions in-house, we will provide unbiased recommendations, in-depth planning or interim project support so there is no lag time in accomplishing your objectives. 

RedKnot Resource Group maintains alliances with other respected professionals for those business challenges requiring a unique expertise or focus.  Our solutions include intangibles like best practices, branding and strategic marketing decisions, motivation and incentives, as well as meeting the day to day challenges of technological adaptation, production line efficiency and more profitable day-to-day operations.  RedKnot will enable you to not only gain altitude but stay ahead of the competition while meeting whatever is on the horizon.


"RedKnot Resource Group showed us that making our profits work harder was a lot less work than we thought.  They helped us see the profit-making potential already there in our company that we were missing while improving our productivity.  Time is only money when you manage both and RedKnot enabled us to chart the course we needed to be in line with our goals."

Our Mission: Empowering our customers with the information, training and tools needed to achieve greater bottom-line results.