Government:  Wisely Managing Resources

From local, city and county municipalities to federal contracts, RedKnot’s primary focus will be on helping you find more efficient ways to ensure industry-accepted metrics are met. RedKnot can help you apply successful business tactics to the business of serving your community, from streamlining your workflow, to incorporating automation and financial services to best utilize public revenues and resources.


Strategy and Marketing
One of the primary reasons public entities don't reach their objectives is not an ill-defined strategy, but a lack of execution. Soup to nuts - the plan of execution must be as well defined as the strategy: achievable, relevant to the goals the entity most values and aligned at all levels within the organization equally – from the budget to human resources to daily operations.  Today more than ever public managers are asked to do more with less – while being burdened with more scrutiny and governance. Performance measurement is the key guide to good decision-making and that begins with strategy.  We offer an objective, comprehensive, common sense approach through:
  • Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Policy & Process Development
  • Financial & Working Capital Analysis
  • Efficiency & Optimization


Business Operations
Sustaining essential government services in the face of diminished budgets and across-the-board cuts to programs and agencies takes careful orchestration, innovative approaches, and an eye on the long-term needs of citizens.    Going the next step and actually turning today’s downturn into an opportunity for greater achievement may seem unrealistic.   But if you are focused on how this environment can bring about improvements to processes and technologies, and how it can bring out the best in the people who represent your entity to the public, you actually gain momentum from tough times. To help you do this our focus includes:
  • Workflow Improvement
  • Vendor/Supplier RFPs and Relationship Reviews
  • Efficiency and Process Optimization
  • Project Management
  • Policy and Procedural Assessment/Documentation
  • Conversion and System Integration Assistance
  • Governance & Risk Management


Financial Management
Whether you find yourself needing interim management resources or would like your current CFO to stretch beyond the traditional approaches, "outside the box" management of your cash, investments, and cost control is where we can help most.  We understand the best practices and tactics and keep you positioned through:
  • Treasury/Cash Management
  • Investments
  • Secrets of Bank Relationship Management
  • Requests for Proposal Execution

"We had a great product line and a great staff but that wasn't enough. RedKnot helped us see the big picture. They showed us how to make every component of our business from our sales teams to our marketing initiatives to our revenues perform more effectively. They are more than a treasury management company. Because a company's assets are more than what's in the bank."