the red knot story
A Journey Worth Traveling.

Outrageous commutes.  Grueling travel schedules.  Navigating the storm on gut instinct.  They’re not just part of the business world.  They’re part of what makes the red knot such an awe-inspiring species.  And the main reasons why RedKnot chose this large plump shore bird with stocky feet to be the emblem for their business resource group.  Red knots get their name from the bright red plumage they sport on their breast and head during the mating season.  But these birds are hardly empty suits.  Like RedKnot Resource Group and our clients, what really makes them stand out is that they have what it takes to go far.

The red knot makes one of the most record-breaking migrations in nature: nearly 10,000 miles from Tierra Del Fuego on the tip of South America to their mating grounds on the Artic Circle.  Along the way, flocks of red knots numbering in the thousands roost along the East coast of North America, where they feast on the eggs of horseshoe crabs to gain the stores of fat that will see them through their epic odyssey.  It’s been estimated that 90 percent of the red knot population can be found on the Delaware Bay Shore when they make their yearly stopover on their journey north.  However, the overuse of horseshoe crabs as bait by the fishing industry has caused the red knot flocks to dwindle to a third of their former population in just over two decades.  

Any business professional that has faced down competition and the headwinds of a volatile market can identify with this tough little bird. 
The good news is you can do more than identify with their story; you can be a part of it.  Visit the American Bird Conservancy at to learn how you can help keep the red knots flying on their incredible journey.  And contact RedKnot Resource Group at
205-901-1386 to see the many ways we can help you go far.  After all, even with the keenest instincts and most carefully plotted course, success only happens when we join forces with birds of a feather.