Strategy & Execution

Business Case Becomes Reality


Current State Analysis
Future State Design
Change Impact Assessment
Project Planning

Roadmap Planning

Growth Objectives
Product Innovation
Vendor Capabilities
Regulatory Horizons


Target Operating
Sustainability Modeling
Data Analysis

Our “no stone left unturned” integrated approach focuses on the outcomes you want to achieve for the bottom-line, executed in the way that will work best within your organization now and in the future.

Strategy & Execution

Consulting has changed over the past decade. Companies can no longer afford to pay outrageous hourly rates for an opinion or recycled playbook. RedKnot understands that you are being asked to meet the company’s objectives with fewer resources in a rapidly changing technological landscape, full of opportunity and risks.

Besides recommending the right practices and methodologies to launch your project, initiative, acquisition or new offering, RedKnot understands the realities of keeping customers and investors happy while successfully navigating the journey.

When you’re ready to execute, RedKnot can lead your effort or play a supporting role to ensure your success.

Key engagements where we have applied our expertise:

  • We designed a strategic sourcing and ongoing vendor management program for a large NY-based Private Equity firm with over 140 company-wide participants and 2,000+ vendors.

We offer a hybrid approach to consulting that merges expertise and support to extend your team’s depth and take your organization to the next level.

  • RedKnot built a Business Services offering, including treasury management services, for a large credit union in the southeast, requiring product selection, implementation, sales training for front-end and a dedicated sales team, with backroom support and operational functions. The initiative garnered millions in new deposits and recurring revenue streams.