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Welcome to the shiny new RedKnot blog! Are you picking up hints of new car smell? Take a seat and stay a while (just please don’t eat or drink in here).

We’re excited to share our vision, passion and discuss our ideas with you in the coming weeks. We want to provide a roadmap of sorts (I’m killing the car metaphor, I get it) to provide you with some direction and insight for your company’s growth. More importantly, we hope to educate you on why Vendor Risk Management isn’t just something you might need to think about to meet regulations. It is necessary. Don’t worry, though! RedKnot offers a comprehensive suite of services such as: project management, audit assurance services, merger expertise and transitionary oversight (just to name a few).

We will hear from RedKnot’s very own staff to discuss who we are, what we do and why that is pertinent to you. There will be interviews, helpful tips and advice on how to better understand third-party risk management in your context.

For the coming months, expect new content to erupt on this blog including: interviews with RedKnot’s Founder and CEO, Carol Pittman, further defining “Vendor Risk Management” plus how it affects your organization and how to decide if outsourcing your third-party risk management is best for your organization.

These are only a few of the many posts coming up on the blog and our hope is that the content here will be a resource that you may not only return to weekly for concise, accurate information but also get to see what we’ve got going on under the hood (okay, that’s the last time I swear) at RedKnot.

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Questions, concerns, comments? Have a topic in mind you’d like to see on the blog? Please email me at! We’d love to start a dialogue.


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