Third-Party Risk Management Implementation

Delivery Excellence


We understand that not all companies excel at implementation. That’s why we manage each step in a high-touch way, understanding that driving next steps saves valuable resources and ensures timelines are met.

Project Management

RedKnot guides stakeholders through the basic blocking & tackling of the implementation, including requirements-building, identifying dependencies, constraints, accountabilities, integrations and timelines.

Implementation Assurance

We know what’s at stake — potential compliance enforcement action, audit findings and risk exposure. Our experience and composure has led highly-regulated companies through successful examinations by Federal and State agencies.

Our strength lies in managing highly visible, complex initiatives requiring cross-functional participation, utilizing a methodology-agnostic governance approach.  We have implemented comprehensive third-party risk management programs in short time frames to meet examination deadlines and mitigate risk.

“You guys just swoop in and get it done. Thank you!” CIO, Chicago-based, Top 10 Private Equity Firm.

TPRM Program Implementation

We don’t mean to brag, but we deliver on difficult implementations for some of the largest regulated companies in the U.S.  Regardless of the size of the initiative or the chosen methodology, RedKnot’s goal is to deliver business value in the most expedient, efficient and predictable ways, with accountability and transparency. Whether your project is multi-year and large-scale or short-term with a small deployment, we treat each with focused detail on approach planning, requirements definition, architecture design & solution, build & test; through transition to business-as-usual.

Key engagements where we have applied our expertise:

  • Merger / Acquisition conversion event support (training, communication, post-product support) on the largest treasury management integration in U.S. banking history.
  • Business Process Management program leveraging Agile methodology for a $60 million treasury management services implementation platform build-out for a Top 3 bank, replacing two legacy platforms through designing, developing, testing and implementation.

RedKnot has played key roles in some of the largest and most complex technology and workflow optimization projects in America over the last decade. Our expertise covers waterfall, Agile and the “sometimes-in-between” methodologies.

  • Leading roles in over 15 merger integrations, spanning pre-conversion communications, training, employee & customer experience; conversion weekend / deployment; post- conversion support.